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RF Cellulite Improvement

Cellulite can be seen in nearly 80% of all adult females, mainly on the legs, abdomen and pelvic areas. While lifestyle and nutrition do effect the amount of cellulite, they cannot prevent it from appearing.

How Does Cellulite Form?

Our bodies have connective tissues which are constructed mainly from collagen and elastic fibers. Fat cells are trapped in between
these fibers. Over the years fat starts to accumulate in the trapped fat cells - due to lower metabolism, genetics, hormonal status and nutrition factors, resulting in an orange peel-like skin appearance.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Radiofrequency (RF) Method has a unique capability to generate excessive heat in deeper skin layers (subcutaneous) while the skin surface remains moderately cool and well protected.
Cellulite removal requires sufficient energy in order to reach the critical temperature of 65C on the treated connective tissue.
Fat has a significantly higher electrical resistance compared with other skin cells. The greater fat electrical resistance leads to faster
and higher heating effect of the fat cells, compared with the surrounding connective tissue. This in turn, leads to increased
metabolism and shrinkage of fat cells by the release of liquid fat (fatty acids) to the lymphatic system.

The internal heating results in the following effects:
*    Breaking the fat cells and releasing fatty acid and fine fat particles to the lymphatic system.
*    Stimulation of the lymphatic and Arterio Veins systems to improve waste removal.
*    Improve the tissue's supply of oxygen and nutritious.
*    Lipolysis ("Melting" of Fat Molecules).

The treatment enhance the increase of metabolism and brakeage \ shrinkage of the fat cells in the connective tissue, resulting in a smooth cellulite free skin.

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