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Active Optical Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer and a technology leader in utilizing Intense Pulse Light in the field of Hair Removal and Aesthetic Skin Treatments.

Active's products offer the market's best cost-effectiveness: The devices are designed to operate 10 - 16 hours with practically almost no additional expenses on Maintenance and consumables.

The company’s devices excel in their ingenious simplicity:  3 operational buttons activate the pre-defined computerized programs which guide the practitioner in achieving optimal treatment results.

Active's highly efficient practices induce a series of internal biological processes that lead to incomparable treatment results in Hair Removal and other Skin Treatments.

The devices incorporate the unique GEM-IPL technology which concentrates a bulk of energy to a geometrical plain positioned few millimeters under the skin surface, eliminating pain and side effects.

We have 30 years of market knowledge and know that our customer's success is our success. We take care of our customers and make sure they do not just buy, pay and go - but keep in touch, get professional advices, and guidance how to succeed. We will gladly welcome you to our family.

Our Main Advantages:

1.       Proven Clinical Effectiveness in all declared treatments.

2.       International Safety, Clinical and Quality Production Approvals: FDA. 
          CE-MDD, ISO and more.

3.       No need to change the Handpiece - just the lamp.

4.       The lamp is guaranteed to generate 200,000 flashes (Record / Optima).

5.       The largest Treatment Spot: 50x15 mm (the larger the treatment spot, the  
           fewer flashes are needed to cover a specific skin area at a shorter treatment            time).

6.        Extended warranty. 
7.        Detailed Treatment Protocols.
8.        Extensive After Sales support.
9.        Continuous product development and upgrades to the newest version.


* CE MDDIntl. Medical Standard
* FDAUS Safety Standard
* ISO-13485Med. Production STD
* IEC 60-601-1Medical Safety STD
* CFSGov. Health Approval
* CSACan.& US Safety App
* TGAAustralian health STD.


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