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Treatment Variety

Hair Removal

Active's unique Hair Removal procedure is adjusted to the individual skin and hair type. The high intensity flash light penetrates the epidermis, absorbed and assimilated in the hair bulbous region and acts as an inhibitor to the hair follicle through temperature rise and coagulation.

Skin Rejuvenation

Active’s devices offer incomparable efficiency in Facial Skin Rejuvenation treatments.The immediate effect, of the light energy emitted into the dermis, is to unwind the existing collagen bundles and induce the growth of new collagen fibers, resulting in the improvement of skin structure.

Vascular (Facial) Treatment

Active's Broad-Spectrum wavelengths are absorbed in the hemoglobin of the clotted blood that forms the spider web like look. The light energy shakes the structure of the RBC layer, Breaks it, and enables the removal process of the phenomenon.

Tattoo Removal

Active's powerful devices efficiency remove single color, small and dark tattoos. Multi-Colors Tattoos may not react uniformly to the excessive light energy emitted by the innovative handpiece.

Pigmentation Treatment

Active developed a novel treatment procedure for the removal of Age and Pigmentation spots. By emitting a series of predetermined high energy light flashes over the spots, the dark pigment clusters break apart and the fading out process starts.

Acne Treatment

Active's researchers have developed a practical and fast method for treating the annoying Acne pimples. "Acne Vulgaris" develops following the enhanced presence of the "P. Acne" Bacteria. A pre-determined high energy light starts a Photo Excitation Process that is proved to be fatal for the bacteria.

RF Treatments

RF Skin Lifting Treatment

Active developed an innovative way of skin lifting and toning treatment utilizing RF energy. The new treatment induces collagen fibres contraction and activates fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers, resulting in remodeling the tissue, improving expression lines and wrinkles, firming the flaccid tissue and enhancing skin elasticity.

RF Body Contoure

Active developed an innovative method of body contouring and skin lifting utilizing RF energy. The new treatment is based on two RF effects: fat cells drainage / breakage and skin rejuvenation and lifting. The result is a reduction in the body's circumferences and improvement of the skin texture and elasticity.

RF Cellulite Improvement

Active's new devices offer an improved way of Cellulite treatment, utilizing RF energy. Cellulite forms due to the accumulation of fat in fat cells trapped in the connective tissues. With the RF energy, we can increase the metabolism of the connective tissues and break / shrink the fat cells trapped inside them, resulting in a smooth, cellulite free skin.
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