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Crystal - 512


Crystal-512 is an apparatus which is mainly used for hair removal, but an experienced Beautician is able to benefit from other effective skin treatments. Crystal-512 was introduced in the year 2000 and quickly gained much appreciation in many markets due to its incomparable Cost-Effectiveness and the simplicity of operation. 

Crystal-512 is based on Active's patented GEM-PL technology (Geometrical Energy Management) which is a unique way to deliver energy to a predetermined target. The GEM technology manages to concentrate a bulk of energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin while other IPL and laser machines  scatter much of the energy on the skin. The GEM precise positioning enables selective targeting of hair follicles, pigments, vascular lesions and acne,  with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Crystal-512 is computer controlled and offers 12 operating programs. The setup information is shown on a wide LCD display and only three push buttons are used to operate the device.

Broadband Handpiece
One Universal, Computer Controlled Handpiece, is designed to perform a range of treatments. The larger the spot size, the more efficient and fast the treatment is. Crystal's  spot size is amongst the largest in the market, enabling fast and safe treatments.

Crystal-512 offers unique features that makes it the best of its kind.


* CE MDDIntl. Medical Standard
* FDAUS Safety Standard
* ISO-13485Med. Production STD
* IEC 60-601-1Medical Safety STD
* CFSGov. Health Approval
* CSACan.& US Safety App
* TGAAustralian health STD.
Lamp's Life Time:100,000 Flashes (min)
Handpiece:Universal Broad Wavelength
Treatment Area:7.5 cm2 (15*50 mm)
Wavelengths:420-1100 nm
Output Power:11-22 joule/cm2, upto 3,000W
Pulse Interval:3-4 Seconds
Control:LCD Display
Weight:23 kg
Dimensions:44cm x 45cm x 43cm
  Acne Treatment
  Hair Removal
  Skin Rejuvenation
  Pigmentation Treatment
  Vascular (Facial) Treatment
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